Lloyd Banks Drops New V Don-Produced Single, 101 Razors feat. Method Man

Lloyd Banks has been as consistent as anybody in Hip-Hop or really all of music in general with dropping new music over the last three or so years. Which continues today with the release of his newest single, 101 Razors. An eerie V Don-produced track featuring the living legend and icon, Method Man.

The new track the first single and taste of new music off Banks upcoming soon to be released newest solo album, The Course of the Inevitable 3: Pieces of My Pain. With both emcees delivering top-notch bars such as, “Legend be Boris Simon, you? Just a Busta before the Rhyme. You primadonnas like a virgin Madonna, but borderline. A bunch of boring lines. No one falling for it. So fall in line. The punchline. I’m like a freestyle slime. Stay off of mine. Get it? Off of mind, some of us get it.” From Method Man and such bars as, “I’m born to rhyme. Make more, the corporate line. These chumps operatin’ on overtime. This is my quarter dog, you eat what you slaughter. We all can dine, it was fate. I fall in a hole again, I was supposed to climb.” From Banks.