Kelela Debuts Beautifully Stunning & Intimate New Video, Enough For Love

Fresh off very talented singer and songwriter, Kelala, releasing her amazing highly-anticipated and long-awaited sophomore album, Raven. This past Friday, Feb. 10th. The hugely influential force in modern R&B that mixes great with eerie electronic production and queer club culture.

Returns to the project today by debuting earlier. A beautifully stunning brand new Yasser Abubeker-directed video for the album’s most recent single, Enough for Love. That was filmed in the absolutely beautiful Rio de Janeiro and opens with Kelela in just a t-shirt and thong sitting in a window. As she starts to sing the beautifully amazing and intimate lyrics. That on part of the chorus, ask the ultimate question, ”Are you tough enough for love?” Kelela is shown throughout the rest of the video showing off her absolutely beautifully stunning beauty as she lays in bed getting intimate with her lover. As well as transported to a bed in the ocean. Before diving into the water and emerging up into the back balcony of her home in a blue dress. Where her lover is waiting for her. Kelela is also shown by the sand by the beach and in another scene right by the waterfalls of a river. Climbing the waterfalls and holding hands with her queer lover. That appears to be just a fling as Kelela is also shown throughout much of the video being intimate with a man. Who she also rides on the back of a motorcycle with.

The whole concept of the video, including the waterfalls scene and in the bed scene over a white sheet. Paying homage to classic R&B video’s from the likes of legendary R&B figures Janet Jackson and TLC. Really helping bring such an already artistically beautiful stunning and amazing masterpiece record to life even more. With a just as beautifully stunning and intimately visual masterpiece video.