Chicago Legend, Teefa, Delivers New Video/Single, Standby

One of the dopest, yet still somewhat under appreciated female emcee’s or emcee’s to ever touch a mic in not only Chicago. But history period for Hip-Hop is, Teefa. Who is mostly known for her work as one half of legendary Chicago Hip-Hop group, Infamous Syndicate. With fellow female Chicago emcee, Shawnna.

After releasing a couple of singles in 2021. As well as a couple of singles last year, Teefa. Has been relatively quiet on releasing new music this year until now. Releasing her very amazing heartfelt new single, Standby. That has Teefa over the very soulful and gospel like backdrop. Spitting some of her best bars, while giving some of her history from Infamous Syndicate. Up until now. Teefa also releasing an accompanying video for the track. That sees in her an all white outfit with matching white beanie. Rapping such immaculate rhymes as, ”Teefa flow go in between like a seamstress. Incase you didn’t know what I mean. I am a queen, b***ch. Infamous you know the routine. You get extinguished. I am the whip blowing my green. On some G shit.”