Reuben Vincent Releases Jamla/Roc Nation Records Debut Album, Love Is War, Debuts Cinematic Twist-Turning New Video, Trickin feat. Domani

Reuben Vincent is one of the most talented and diverse upcoming emcees, lyricists and artists in all of Hip-Hop right now. With his buzz at the heights it’s right now. It is only right that today he drops his very highly-anticipated Jamla Records and Roc Nation Records debut album, Love Is War. That is the result of year’s of grinding, as well as the tutelage of legendary Hip-Hop greats 9th Wonder and Young Guru.

The new album, which is 11 tracks and features previously released singles Butterfly Doors, Look What You Did featuring Sonny Mills, Geechie Suede and Trickin feat. Domani. Having features also from the likes of his Jamla/Roc Nation Records labelmate, Rapsody. Plus Ant Clemons, REASON, Stacey Barthe, Jordan Ariel and Josef Lamercier.

Reuben himself having the following to say in a statement about the album. ”I worked on Love Is War for two years. Conceptually, Love Is War is an acknowledgment that as young black men, I feel like we aren’t taught, and given the tools of how to love properly. We don’t know how to love our people, our women, our brothers; and most importantly ourselves. When you don’t know how to love yourself you can’t love others the right way, Love Is War addresses that. These last two years I’ve learned a lot about myself, but I still have much to learn. My goal is to love myself properly, and that comes with exploration (internally and externally). That is why I titled the album, Love Is War, because it is a constant battle to get to that center in your life. We all battle ourselves to get to a place where we can both love and be loved.”

Vincent also in conjunction to celebrate the album’s release today. Debuting just a few short hours ago. The cinematic and twist-turning new PhillyFlyBoy-directed video for his latest single, Trickin. That he released just a couple of weeks ago and features Domani. The new video bringing the trickin ways him and Domani both rap and sing about that both men and women do. To life in such a conceptually brilliant way. That most of us who have been in love or know others who have been in love, but also been tricked on can relate to.