Styles P Drops New Single, Death Before Dishonor feat. Brady Watt, Announces New Solo Album

Living legend and veteran emcee, Styles P, is back today with a brand new single, Death Before Dishonor. A penultimate new Brady Watt-produced track. That finds SP the Ghost rapping about the many different ways he has used Mary Jane, the street and rap game. To honor everyone around him with, “Death before dishonor.” Watt also providing the marijuana-infused hook that is no, Good Times, but still a pretty memorable hook.

The new single also comes on the heels of Styles P announcing his newest solo album, Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still A Wolf. That is set for exactly a week from today release of Jan. 27th. The first release from Styles P here in 2023. It is not for sure if this is one of the final two solo album’s he was talking about back in October. When he announced that this year would be his final year releasing solo album’s and retire from making album’s as a solo artist.