Godfather Of Harlem Drop New Single, Hustle, Repeat feat. Swizz Beatz & Jadakiss

With the highly-anticipated third season of MGM+ very critically-acclaimed series, Godfather of Harlem. That stars the legendary, Forest Whitaker, as late and storied Harlem mob boss, Bumpy Johnson. Set to debut in just a couple of days. On this Sunday, Jan. 15th.

Swizz Beatz, who curated music for each week of both seasons. Is set to do so again for this newest season. Releasing today the very cinematic new single, Hustle, Repeat. That is also co-produced by Swizz’s son, Avenue Beatz and features longtime collaborator and friend, Jadakiss. As the legendary veteran emcee delivers several street-oriented bars about hustling. Such as, ”Fentanyl is what the fiends want. You gotta die to get your streams up. Streets will fvck your dreams up. I was ready for war. I got my cream up. They couldn’t do nothing with me. They had to team up. Treat the shootie like Scottie, I had to beam up. I done a lot and I seen much.”