WESTSIDE BOOGIE Debuts Beautifully Stunning & Unique New Debut Tiny Desk Performance

If you were not already up on extremely talented Compton-bred emcee, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, by now. You should be. The Shady Records signed emcee is one of the most talented emcees or just artists period regardless of genre. In this current generation of artists to emerge within the past decade. Dropping not only one of the best Hip-Hop album’s, but album’s across all of music here in 2022. With his critically-acclaimed sophomore album, MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES. He released earlier this year.

BOOGIE and his fans for years clamoring for him to make his debut Tiny Desk Performance. It actually as he mentions being a bucket list thing for him. Today Boog and his fans finally get what they want with. As NPR Music debuted earlier today BOOGIE’s first performance with the platform. Where backed by backup vocalist, Mamii, whom is featured on his most recent single, NONCHALANT. Along with his backing band. WESTSIDE BOOGIE performed a nearly 19-minutes set of the aforementioned record, as well as N***a Needs, Lolsmh, STUCK and Silent Ride. Giving one of the most beautifully stunning and uniquely great performances of Tiny Desk’s short, yet already great history. Boogie also added something different and unique. By just before closing out with, Silent Ride, and sticking to the theme of his most recent album. Adding in his own costumed children/superheroes. To give light to the next generation of possible greats. Of whatever field they decide to enter. Whether it be music or something completely different.