Sevyn Streeter Debuts Beautifully Angelic New Video/Single, This Christmas Song

Beautifully extremely talented singer and songwriter, Sevyn Streeter. Surprises fans by not only delivering overnight her very own beautifully angelic version of the Christmas classic, This Christmas Song. Just in time for the Holidays. But also debuting an accompanying Mike Ho-directed video as well.

The just as beautifully angelic video. Opens with the beautifully talented Sevyn over a black-and-white backdrop in her backstage room getting her makeup and everything else ready for her performance. A white light like a star then shines as the video goes from black-and-white to color. To reveal a beautifully stunningly angelic Sevyn in an elegant stunning white angelic dress by piano side with a piano player. As she so beautifully sings and performs her beautifully soulful angelic vocals. For her beautifully soulful angelic new version of the Christmas classic. That shows what a truly talented and beautiful ray of light and talent star that Sevyn truly is. That many already knew, but will now know even more.