Agallah Don Bishop Drops Soulfully Hard-Hitting New Single, Gawd Memoirs

Veteran producer and emcee, Agallah Don Bishop. Continues his recent run of dropping new music every week over the last three weeks going today. By dropping his newest single, Gawd Memoirs. That follows the release of Don Theme’s 2 and The Enforcer in recent weeks.

The very soulful hard-hitting new banger. Finding Agallah talking his ish. To let people know why he should garner his respect for what he has done in both the streets and Hip-Hop during his long career. Lyrics such as, ”Agallah The Don hit ’em with another dosage. Still ferocious, still living this la vida loca. Staying true to the code. You a mentirosa. N***as like Scarface, but I respected Sosa.” Showing hitting home on it.

Both the hard-hitting production and lyrics. Also showing once again why Agallah is among them the best producer/emcees ever.