Agallah Don Bishop Debuts New Video/Single, Don’s Theme 2

Over his long legendary career. Veteran producer and emcee, Agallah Don Bishop, has dropped countless album’s, mixtapes, EP’s, singles and loosies. With this year probably being one of his busiest. As he released two album’s and two mixtapes here in 2022.

On this final day before the final month of the year. Agallah shows he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon either. As today just a week and a half after dropping his latest single, The Enforcer. Agallah is already back with another new single, Don’s Theme 2. As well as an accompanying video for the newest brand new banger from the veteran. With clever bars like, ”When I fly into the port. It’s a private landing. I’m not Dipset, but I still kill a camel.” Also showing why he’s one of the better emcees/producers ever in Hip-Hop.