WESTSIDE BOOGIE Debuts Cinematic New Video, NONCHALANT feat. Mamii, Releases New Deluxe Version, MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES

WESTSIDE BOOGIE released easily not only one of the best Hip-Hop album’s, but album’s across all of music here in 2022. With his critically-acclaimed sophomore album, MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES. Already releasing video’s for previously released singles, STUCK and AIGHT featuring DRAM.

It appears that arguably not only the best track on the album, but one of the top tracks released all year, NONCHALANT featuring Mamii. Will be the next single. As the Shady Records emcee debuted through Vevo earlier today. A cinematic new Henry Dacosta-directed video for the track.

The new visual opening with a fire being up in flames. Before panning to Mamii nonchalantly sitting in a living room with the old school wired house phone off the hook, singing her opening hook to Boogie. Who is shown in the studio listening and shaking his head. Before black and white images are played of a stop by cops in the hood from what appears to be another senseless killing. Right before Boogie nonchalantly raps his heartfelt verses in the studio. Though it then shows that Boogie and Mamii are actually on a studio lot. Shooting the music video. Where it shows Mamii nonchalantly looking outside a window. As Boogie is nonchalantly being arrested by those cops. Other nonchalant things like him shooting dice with the homies and praying in front of candle’s for a dead homie. Before everything goes up in flames. To ironically quite nonchalantly really help bring Boogie and Mamii’s nonchalantly heartfelt lyrics to life. Even more.

The debut of the new video also coincides with Boogie. Releasing a new limited edition deluxe edition of the album. That aside from the original dozen tracks. Has three bonus tracks and live renditions of Killa Mode, Nonchalant and Can’t Even Lie.