38 Spesh & Harry Fraud Release New Single, Band Of Brothers feat. Benny The Butcher & Ransom

38 Spesh and Harry Fraud announced last Thursday they were teaming up for a new collaboration album, Beyond Belief. That will be dropping in about another week and a half on, Nov. 18th. Along with the announcement they also dropped the lead single, Speshal featuring Stove God Cooks.

While today as we inch a little closer to the projects release date. The duo have also already released the second single, Band of Brothers. That features Benny the Butcher and Ransom. Putting together three of the hottest spitters in Hip-Hop right now or of the past several years.

So you know over the soulful sample drum heavy loop boom-bap backdrop from Fraud. We get several quotable verses throughout the track. Such as, ”I am booked in cities. Put work in them same towns. Stepped on it. I came down with footwork like I am James Brown. And don’t mistake the sh** that they say for the same style. (This ain’t that) These street politics for civilians, I break down. I stratal lines of crack and rhymes. But this old-school lack of minds. Look like I just traveled back in time. I shedded weight, my crew half the size. I built a band with my brothers. Like the, Jackson 5.” From Benny. While Ransom comes in right after that with such quotable’s as, ”Thoughts of matching us. Then your plans absurd. Could get you whacked before dessert. You will be tortured before the lamb is served. I handle birds like Mike on the roof. I am likely to shoot. You understand my nerves. You would if you knew the depth of what Amber heard.”