NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) Debut Cinematically Romantic Twist-Turning New Video, For Groovy New Single, Where I Go feat. H.E.R.

After a nearly six year hiatus, NxWorries is back like they never left. The very talented duo of Anderson .Paak and producer, Kxwledge reuniting on their very groovy and laidback new single, Where I Go. That features another very talented GRAMMYS-Award winning singer and songwriter. As well as multi-instrumentalist, H.E.R. Which has both very talented artists portraying the ups and downs of a relationship and where you go from it.

The lead single for the duo’s upcoming highly-anticipated currently untitled sophomore album. Also getting a very cinematically romantic and twist-turning accompanying video. That was debuted earlier today and directed by Anderson .Paak. Finds both, .Paak and H.E.R. Bringing their romantically groovy laid back vibes from the record truly to life.

As the very cinematically romantic clip opens with a party. Before flashing back to earlier in the day. When Anderson .Paak surprises H.E.R. with a romantic picnic of food and flowers. Pointing for her to look up to the sky. As a blimp flies by spelling out, Where i Go, in the clouds. They also are seen riding in a limo popping champagne and emptying bags of money. As they are let out the limo by a mansion. Anderson .Paak surprises H.E.R. with a brand new luxury car. That she takes picture of as she dances and grooves with her friend. While .Paak sings the groovy and laidback lyrics to the track. He is also shown grooving himself with Kxwledge in the garden of the mansion. Elsewhere Anderson .Paak and H.E.R. are also shown in bed while his beeper keeps blowing up and she gets up. Contemplating if she should call the number or not. Anderson .Paak and Kxwledge are seen from that same party at the beginning of the video. Grooving and performing the new single at a party in the mansion. If you want to find out the twist-turning ending of the couple’s relationship that Anderson .Paak and H.E.R. portrays. As well as if she does call that number. You gotta watch till the end.