J.I.D Delivers Cinematically Mind-Blowing New Dual Video, Bruddanem/ Crack Sandwich

With his newest critically-acclaimed solo album, The Forever Story. Already in the running for not only the best Hip-Hop album of the year, but one of the best album’s to drop across all of music here in 2022. Dreamville Records and Spillage Village rep, J.I.D. Returns today with his fifth video already from the album.

As earlier through Vevo. J.I.D debuted the very cinematically mind-blowing nearly six minutes dual video for two of the album’s most standout tracks, Bruddanem and Crack Sandwich. That was once again directed by J.I.D.’s longtime collaborators Mac Grant and Chad Tennies. It sees him showing the dual lives and many crazy scenarios one can lead when they are too loyal to their family and friends. That includes a SWAT/drug raid that leads to jail time, kids acting out that same sequence with their own parents that leads to it actually happening as they get older. Prison visits, visiting lost one’s grave sites and physical altercations. Mostly all scenarios you don’t want to actually experience. But really are so perfectly cinematically captured to bring J.I.D’s vivid lyrics to life even more like a true mini-movie. That plays like a perfectly painted picture and story. Which makes you love and appreciate the tracks that much more.

It also showing why J.I.D truly is not only a great emcee, but artist. Who is one of the few that truly almost always through his music and video’s puts the ART in artist. To show why he is one of the best emcees, storytellers and artists of his generation.