Danger Mouse & Black Thought Debut New Black-and-White Video For, Belize feat. MF DOOM

A little over two months since Danger Mouse & Black Thought dropped their highly-anticipated and mostly critically-acclaimed debut collaboration album, Cheat Codes. As well as the video for one of the album’s most standout tracks, Strangers. That features A$AP Rocky and Run the Jewels. The duo is back today with their fifth visual from the album.

Debuting this morning the new black-and-white video for arguably not only the best track on the album. But one of the top tracks released all of this year or even the past few years. In the MF DOOM featured, Belize.

The new black-and-white video. A pretty simple, but well executed one. That sees Black Thoughts in an empty room with white walls and windows overlooking him. As he raps his stellar rhymes from the track. With a shadow of Danger Mouse on the wall. Before he actually joins and stands next to Thought during DOOM’s absolutely stellar guest verses. As they just stand taken in and listening to the verses. That let us know DOOM’s spirit is still alive and well passing on knowledge to us all. Even in the afterlife.