Ravyn Lenae Debuts Beautifully Ethreal New Video, For Alternate Version of, Skin Tight feat. Steve Lacy

Just when you think a record can’t be just as good, if not better than the original. Chicago singer and songwriter, Ravyn Lenae, comes with a just as mesmerizingly enchanting and beautiful dreamlike vocals performance. For the beautifully ethereal new alternate version of her Steve Lacy-produced and featured single, Skin Tight. That also features harpist Nailah Middleton, who also played harp for the somewhat more stripped down version of, Inside Out. That Lenae recently played on, A COLORS SHOW.

The very talented singer and songwriter also releasing a just as beautifully ethereal accompanying video for the new version of the record. That sees Lenae showing off her just as ethereal pure heavenly beauty. As she so beautifully moves through nature. A few close ups of Lenae also showing how beautifully skin tight and amazingly in sync her beauty and she herself is with nature.