Midwest Emcee Ideal Comes For, The Crown, On Triumphant New Single feat. Benny The Butcher & October London

The Midwest is filled with many talented emcees from G Herbo to Vic Spencer, Philmore Greene, Boldy James and Tee Grizzley. To name just a few of the top emcees that have emerged in more recent years from the very talented yet sometimes forgotten region. Without obviously mentioning the many legends that have put on for the Midwest in Hip-Hop history. So you know have to come right to even have a chance to be mentioned among not only Hip-Hop, but Midwest Hip-Hop greats.

That is exactly what emerging new Midwest emcee, Ideal, does on his recently released triumphant new Pooney-produced single, The Crown. That features one of the hottest emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now, Benny the Butcher. As well as singer and songwriter, October London. Which sees Benny delivering such lyrics as, “They tell me kill them with kindness, but as soon it stop working. Do it the old fashioned way. Shots fly like they Doc Irving. I can rhyme circles around you with live verses. And since y’all don’t give a fvck I’m make sure they divergent. It’s past getting my flowers. Overachiever. Remember Shay told me you a leader, but you don’t know your power.” As well as, “All the sh*t I did and I am still here. That’s astonishing. Envision myself winning before I hopped in this lane. Like Mike saw himself hitting them big shots in the game.” Showing why Benny one of the illest emcees and lyricists in the game right now. But Ideal with verses like, “And when it comes to drugs and music. I’m only fvcking with the purest. Third verses scheduled on. Broke the judges and the jurors. Verdict is murdered it.” Showing he can also hold his own with the best.

The very melodic and somewhat catchy hook from October London over the triumphant track. The perfect counter to Ideal and Benny’s triumphant and inspiring lyrics. That makes for a perfect Hip-Hop track that has perfect mainstream appeal too. Showing the talent that Ideal has not only as an emcee, but an artist who can easily grow his fan base to a truly wide audience with great commercial and mainstream appeal. That can build his own lane in Hip-Hop and be around for many years to come.