Jazmine Sullivan Delivers Powerfully Uplifting New D’Mile-Produced Single, Stand Up, From Highly-Anticipated Upcoming Film, TILL

Known for her mostly powerful amazing vocals range and voice. GRAMMYs Award-winning singer and songwriter, Jazmine Sullivan lends her voice to the motion picture soundtrack for the highly-anticipated and much alluded upcoming film, TILL.

Sullivan showing off her powerful voice for the powerfully uplifting D’Mile-produced single, Stand Up. That is an uplifting anthem for justice and hope. Which should inspire those who have families whose lives have been senselessly cut short because of America’s deep rooted and white supremacy. To rise up and keep fighting for the justice’s for all. Everyone of every race, color and creed should have. But has still been oppressed to many Black and/or minority families. Who still to a point. Unfortunately deal with a lot of the same racist rhetoric that the late Mamie-Till Mobley dealt with due to her son Emmett being lynched back in 1955. Which is why this powerfully uplifting record that was written by both Sullivan and Academy Award and Grammy Awards-winning producer and songwriter, D’Mile. Was the perfect song to run for the final scene and end credits of the upcoming film. That is set to hit theaters next Friday, Oct. 14th. With the Los Angeles premiere of the film set for tomorrow night.

TILL, is the powerful new film directed by Chinonye Chukwu that tells the heartbreaking true story through the eyes of Mamie Till-Mobley (played by Danielle Deadwyler) of the historic lynching of her 14-year-old son Emmett Till (played by Jalyn Hall). For supposedly whistling and thus offending a white woman named Carol Bryant (played by Haley Bennett) at a grocery store in Money, Mississippi in 1955.

Being such a passionately and powerful artist and activist herself. Sullivan was extremely excited to contribute such a powerfully uplifting original song as her newest single for the upcoming powerful new film. That looks to continue the great and powerfully activist work the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation has been doing in continuing the work Mamie Till-Mobley began. That was one of the key pieces to jumpstart the Civil Rights Movement.

Sullivan having the following to say about the original new song and record” The new song focuses on how Mamie Till-Mobley “found her voice and purpose in so much turmoil. I’m honored to be able to contribute to such a powerful film about such a historic and tragic moment in American history.”