Che Noir Releases Soulfully Cinematic New Trox-Produced Single, Bidding War feat. Ransom

As Che Noir gets set to release her highly-anticipated new album, The Last Remnants. Towards the end of the month on, Oct. 26th. The Buffalo emcee and producer teams up with frequent collaborator and fellow Trust signee, Ransom. For her newest single, Bidding War.

The new Trox-produced track. With its soulfully cinematic backdrop finding both Che and Ransom. With lyrics like, “Look for the fans in line. Just stand in line. Just get a record label. Is your autograph. Here is your chance to shine. It’s hammer time. It’s like a jukebox you gotta dance for dimes. By the time you wake up you’ll be arm wrestling with the hands of time.” From Che. As well as lyrics like, “A straight glimpse. Everytime I lift it off of this pavement. I display strength you know what it’s hitting for. Little pulling mission off. Spit about his dead opps and piss them off. Then the record labels have a bidding war. Them CEOs never been in war… Now shit is in the devil’s hands. Like rock music. Metal bands.” From Ransom.

Showing why Che and Ransom are two of the illest emcees and lyricists in all of Hip-Hop right now. As well as the undeniable chemistry they have together too.