Freddie Gibbs Debuts Cinematic Action-Packed Animated Thriller New Video, Dark Hearted

Freddie Gibbs just dropped this past Friday. By far not only one of the best Hip-Hop album’s, but one of the best album’s released across all of music so far here in 2022. With his newest solo album, SSS ($oul $old $eparately).

Gibbs returns to the album today. By earlier today debuting the cinematic new action-packed animated thriller video for arguably not only the album’s best track. But one of the best tracks released all year. In, the James Blake-produced, Dark Hearted. The animated new visual that was inspired by Japanese animation and created by Aaron Hymes & Rouxx. Seeing an animated Gibbs following his whole casino theme from the album. As he goes from a bloody scene at the casino to riding off with his opps following him. To the desert. As he unleashes his rapid-fire flow and cutthroat bars. While blazing bullets and grenades at his enemies. Before he levitates with his rabbit into the sky by a UFO.

Such a crazy and out of this world ending to such a cinematic new action-packed animated thriller from Gibbs. One not many outside of him could pull off and make an already dope record. That much doper with the accompanying video.