Cypress Hill Release New Single, Crossroads

Iconic and legendary veteran Hip-Hop group and some of the foremost Westcoast Hip-Hop pioneers, Cypress Hill. Released their latest album, Back in Black. Earlier this year. To mostly rave reviews and saying that the album despite having no production from normal in-house producer and group member, DJ Muggs and being all produced by Detroit prouder extraordinaire, Black Milk. Still took it back to the group’s early groundbreaking sound.

Mostly quiet of releasing any new music since than. The group returns today with a somewhat brand new, but not fully brand new single, Crossroads. Which first appeared on the end credits to the group’s documentary, Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain. That they released on Showtime earlier this year as well.

The single itself finding the group returning to the production of DJ Muggs. The eerie piano backdrop from Muggs the perfect backdrop for B-Real’s rhyme’s about the different ways the group’s career has been eternal and continued to keep growing throughout their well over three decades storied career. Sen Dog along with B-Real providing the simple, yet dope hook about how at times the long road they had to go from soldiers to leaders and then eventually bosses to get to where they are lead them to the, “crossroads.”