Jessie Reyez Debuts Vevo Live Performance Of, STILL C U

A week after releasing her long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore album, YESSIE.  Very talented singer and songwriter, Jessie Reyez, is back today with the debut of her very emotionally moving and beautiful performance for Vevo of what’s not only arguably the best record on the new album, but one of her best records to date, STILL C U.

Just like her album. This performance is so personal raw, real, and powerful, you can feel all the emotion and pain through her vocals and/lyrics that’s still so beautiful. Not only so beautiful, but so soothing and authentic that it gives you chills with how relatable it’s to so many of us.  The backing band alongside Jessie’s very beautiful and passionately emotional performance of this record. Really hitting you in your spine and making you love the record even more. As well as I’m sure not only making myself, but many others anticipate seeing her live in concert even more too.