38 Spesh Releases Soulfully Honest New Single, Painful feat. Che Noir & Freeway

38 Spesh is days away from releasing his highly-anticipated next installment in his fan favorite “Shots Series.” With, 7 Shots, set to release on Sept. 7th and after already releasing the cinematically gritty lead single, Last Grasp with Ransom. Just last month. Spesh returns today with his newest single from the upcoming EP. In the soulful Maki-produced, Painful.

The track finding Spesh as well as his guest features Che Noir and Freeway. Delivering soulfully painful honest lyrics. Such as, “You can’t express yourself that be the worst. The way you get treated hurts. You had many thoughts of leaving earth… Just know there ain’t no success without a struggle.” From Che Noir. As well as 38 coming in after that and spitting, “I kept ree’ing up so much that I ain’t get a chance to save. I’m stuck in my finical ways. I’m from the school of hard knocks and this block my finical aid.” Then Freeway closing out with, “This is how I grieve. Pour it into music. This is art.” As well as, “I got Young Chris blessings. This is street knowledge gifting. This is 38 Special. We are moving on up like the Jefferson’s.” All about the struggles they had to go through to persevere towards their successful careers in Hip-Hop. Something almost all of us can really relate to no matter what career we are in or what we go through in just life in general.