Mila J Delivers New Single, Welcome To The West feat. DJ Battlecat

It has been awhile since we heard new music from Westcoast veteran Mila J. She more than makes up for it on her newest single though, Welcome To the West. Which features living legend and fellow Westcoast rep, DJ Battlecat.

Switching things up from the normal singing we are used to hearing from Mila. She raps on this new Westcoast banger and shows she is just as good rapping as she is singing. Giving such quotable’s as, “I’m a God not a demigod, spit church like a synagogue. Got bars to take out ten of y’all. Word to Snoop double G, I’m forever blue’d up. B***hes need to back the fuck up or get chewed up. R.I.P. Nipsey. Dodgers, Lakers, Rams ride with me. Put on for the city, sip with me ’til we pissy. Then walk in stilettos in pure form, yeah, I stay on my crispy.”

Mila is all Westcoasted up in the singles accompanying visualizer too. That sees her with her nails done in blue with hoop earrings as she rides around in her 64 Lowrider Impala. Throwing up Westside while spitting her Westcoast centric rhymes. Palm trees in clear view too. As well as cameos from all of Mila’s immediate family. Plus footage of her throwing up Westside in So-Fi Stadium after her hometown Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl. It doesn’t get anymore Westcoast and this is definitely the perfect Westcoast banger to wind down the Summer with.