Kool G Rap Releases New Single, Fly Till I Die feat. Big Daddy Kane, Announces New Album

One of the best emcee’s to ever touch a mic and one of the most influential as well. Living legend and icon Kool G Rap has had one of the most distinguished and accomplished careers in the history of Hip-Hop. That will add yet another milestone tomorrow when he is set to be inducted into the National Hip-Hop Museum in Atlanta, GA with the likes of fellow Hip-Hop legends, Slick Rick, Diamond D, Whoodini, UTFO and Chubb Rock.

To celebrate the occasion, G Rap, has announced a release date of Oct. 14th for his highly-anticipated newest solo album, Last of A Dying Breed. That will be mostly all produced by Domingo, who has produced music for Kool G Rap for over 20 years of his 35-plus-year career. With the Queens legend also through Ambrosia For Heads, premiering today the album’s lead single, Fly Till I Die. That features G Rap’s longtime friend and fellow Juice Crew member, as well as living legend and iconic emcee, Big Daddy Kane.

Celebrating not only two of the most iconic and distinguished emcee’s in Hip-Hop history. The new track also celebrates their two boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. As two of the most famed boroughs in not only New York City, but of Hip-Hop history. With DJ RBI incorporating scratches about lings from Queens in between G Rap’s first and second verses. Where he spits such vivid rhymes as, “Selling bricks like they home flippers. Prones to figure’s keep they dome split up. Drones deliver bricks to the stick zone with red bone sisters. Voice in a raspy state. I just layback and stack. Watching fatty shakes while they bag his weight.” While BDK reps BK by so smoothly coming in with his guest verse of, “Brooklyn stand up. We show how we bout it and better. Talk about the war. We was out in the meadow. We was out stacking cheddar. In the Alpaca sweater.” As well as, “Fvck that run it. I am talking about the home of me, Big and Jay. Brooklyn do sh** a whole complete different way. Okay.”