Reuben Vincent Debuts New Video/Single, Geechie Suede, Announces Debut Roc Nation Album

Nearly two months since releasing his last video and single, Look What You Did. Reuben Vincent has returned to deliver his very bounce heavy and feel-good new Sndtrak, Patrick Douthit and Young Guru co-produced single, Geechie Suede. That finds the North Carolina-bred emcee cleverly rapping about his comeup as one of the next great upcoming emcee’s in Hip-Hop.

Vincent also debuting a little over a couple of hours ago through Vevo. The accompanying new Jalani Maxwell and Nuku Mulgbeh co-directed video. That he himself also co-directed and chronicle’s his rise to being one of the next best emcee’s in Hip-Hop. With footage of Vincent in the studio with one of his mentors, Young Guru. Meeting one of his inspiration’s, Pusha T. As well as footage of Vincent making media rounds at various stations during his time on tour with Pusha T. Footage of him performing on the tour also mixed in with snapshots of him with his homies in North Carolina dancing and having a good time. Really helping bring the great storytelling aspect of the new single to life even more. By showing Vincent as not only an emcee and artist, but as just a human being enjoying time with people he knew and grew up with outside of Hip-Hop/Rap.

The new single and video is also the first taste of Vincent’s upcoming Jamla Records and Roc Nation debut album, Love Is War. That is set for release this Fall. Vincent having the following to say in a statement about the new single, “Geechie” is slang for descendants of West African slaves who retained their cultural, and linguistic culture and this is Southernplayalisticadillak music right here. Straight Playa shit. This is me and the guys riding around in the whip on the way to the party ready to pull all the vibes. This is feel good music. Shout out to Camp Lo!”

Vincent also adding the following statement, “Instead of looking for love from others, I had to find the love within.” In regards to the meaning of the album’s title.