Bobby Sessions Delivers New Video/Single, iii

Bobby Sessions continues to show why he’s not only one of the dopest emcee’s out right now. But one of the most versatile as well. On his newest single, iii. As he is able to switch from a bouncy and thumping beat with catchy bars. To a more slowed down and soulful production. Where he is able to deliver deep and thought provoking rhymes. Such as, “In the streets walking with a piece. Hoping I get peace. I believe everything I speak. Said I am done with beef. Like I am Vegan. If you got your mind. Better keep on dreaming. When them bullets go inside your body. That ain’t healthy either.”

The Def Jam Recordings artist also debuting through Vevo today. An accompanying video for the new single as well. That starts with Bobby in a mini mall that he works at by his counter of his spot. Selling items ranging from sunglasses to caps and jewelry. As he also gives out copies of his music and people coming up start dancing. While he spits his catchy bars. Before transitioning into the second half of the single. Where he appropriately is sitting on a wooden chair fit for a king. As he delivers his more thought provoking rhymes.