Jessie Reyez Debuts Very Beautifully Powerful New Video, For Passionately Honest New Single, MUTUAL FRIEND

Jessie Reyez is back with her second single of the year. The very powerful Rykeyz-produced , MUTUAL FRIEND. About a former love she doesn’t care about at all and despises to the point of hate. Which a mutual friend says still loves her, but Jessie so beautifully and passionately sings about not caring about. To even shed a tear for if they died cause she is letting go of that former love that no longer serves her.

Reyez also debuting through Vevo. The beautifully powerful Peter Huang-directed accompanying video. Which opens with dancers spread across a hallway leading up to a room. Where Jessie is sitting in a chair next to a lamp. As she sings the beautifully powerful lyrics with her very gut wrenching, yet passionately powerful vocals. Jessie also laying in bed with the dancer’s rising up to her. As if she is dead and being brought back to life. Jessie and the dancer’s also doing some beautifully slow choreographed dance moves throughout the visual. With beautiful, yet sad things. That can be seen as a metaphor and double entendre about Jessie’s passionate love and hate relationship with love. Such as her crying by water, being surrounded a bunch of beautiful, yet dead plants and mounts of deer, zebra and moose. Plus it raining showing how Jessie is able. To really pour her heart out so passionately. With her powerfully raw and beautifully honest gut-wrenching lyrics. About a love she no longer wants or needs. That she feels is dead to her.

The beautifully powerful bone chilling visuals. Bringing the beautiful backing arrangements of the production. To go with the rawly real and beautifully honest gut-wrenching honest lyrics from Jessie on the record. Even more to life. In a way not many artists aside from her and a few others can. Jessie Reyez proving yet again too. That just when you think she can’t outdo herself again. She does as an artist who’s videos and songs are almost always the type of art. That gives you goosebumps and chills. Virtually every time you hear a song or see a video from her. That’s also among the many reasons, Jessie is among mine and so many others. Favorite artists now or for almost the past six to seven years or longer.

For those who may have missed last night too. Jessie backed by violinist’s. Gave a very powerfully brilliant debut performance of the new single on Jimmy Kimmel Live! As well as also revealing the album title, cover and release date. For her long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore album, YESSIE. Which will be released on Sept. 16th.