Cordae Releases New EP, Unacceptable, Debuts New Video, So With That

Coming off his recent Lollapalooza performance here in Chicago almost exactly two weeks ago. As well as releasing his Kid Culture-produced single, Multi-Platinum. Just days before that. Cordae is back with a new two-pack EP, Unacceptable. That features the title track. A very reflective track that finds Cordae over the soulful drums and keys of the ATL Jacob and Hendrix Smoke co-production. Rapping about loyalty among friends and his relationship with his Dad.

The second track, So With That. One that finds Cordae over the soulful Kid Culture and Mario Luciano co-production. Rapping about a strained relationship with a significant other. That he also just debuted an accompanying video for. Showing off a strained relationship between a couple. That really matches the lyrics and emotions of the song. To bring it even more to life.