Benny The Butcher & B$F Debut New Video, For New DJ Premier-Produced Single, Times Is Rough feat. Heem & Rick Hyde

With Benny the Butcher and his Black Soprano Family label/crew. Getting ready to release their new compilation album, Long Live DJ Shay. In honor of the late great DJ Shay. In the near future.

Benny and his B$F crew of Heem and Rick Hyde deliver their new DJ Premier-produced single, Times Is Rough. That is the first release from the album. Benny, Heem and Hyde venting about all the highs and lows they have gone through to get where they are. While also showing off why they are some of the illest emcee’s out right now.

The trio also debuting through Vevo. The accompanying WillC & Richie 4K co-directed video. That sees them going through the projects and rolling very deep. As they spit their stellar rhymes from the Preemo laced single.