Nello Rubio Interview With India Shawn

I recently got a chance to interview rising R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, India Shawn. Backstage in the media area. While attending this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. Talking with her after her very beautifully amazing debut Lollapalooza performance late Sunday during the final day of the festival. We talked about several different topics. Ranging from India’s performance and experience at Lollapalooza, her music, her thoughts on the current resurgent R&B and Soul scene. That she is a part of. Who she would want to work with in the future. Plus a few more things as well. Which you can check out below to know more about the very beautifully vibrant and amazingly talented singer and songwriter. Who is stepping from background vocalists into her own spotlight.

Nello for Hey India, nice to meet you. I’m Nello Rubio with

India Shawn: Ok, nice to meet you.

Nello: I actually got a chance to catch a good portion of your performance and really enjoyed it. It was really beautiful.

India Shawn: Oh, thank you.

Nello: So this is your first time at Lollapalooza, right?

India Shawn: Yes, this is my first Lolla. My first ever festival.

Nello: So how have you enjoyed it?

India Shawn: It has been really cool. You know. It is different to be on the other side and not to being background. You know but to be front and center. You know the people came out and they were singing along. I am just so grateful.

Nello: You are from Los Angeles. So I know you have actually worked with Kaye Fox. Who is from here and from Chicago.

India Shawn: Yes, that is from Chicago. I love that you know that.

Nello: So besides Kaye. Is there anybody else from Chicago that you haven’t worked with yet. That you would like to?

India Shawn: Wait. Chance is from Chicago, right?

Nello: Yes.

India Shawn: I saw him earlier. I was like trying to make eye contact. But he was doing, I think the little celebrity thing. But Chance is incredible. He is one of my biggest inspirations. I love his approach to music and his energy. Positivity and his message. So I would love to work with Chance.

Nello: A lot of your music is really soulful. Like a lot of old-school R&B and Soul. So who are some of your inspirations that made you want to sing?

India Shawn: It is instruments. You know that is the soulful aspect. But yeah. You know, Lauryn Hill, Faith Evans, Destiny’s Child, Tamia, India.Arie. All of the late 90’s and early 2000’s girls.

Nello: I also noticed D’Mile produced all of your album. You guys have a really good chemistry together. I actually noticed besides you. It seems like a lot of the other newer R&B artists like H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas. He has worked with a lot and I have noticed. He seems to have really good chemistry with each one of you. So why do you think that is?

India Shawn: Yes, D is just outside of being one of the greatest producers and musicians of this generation. He is of the greatest people. I have just ever met in my life and that is just where the chemistry comes from. Just being able to really let your hair down and tell your story. Be comfortable and feel safe. You know both, personally and musically. To be able to intrust your vision to this person. He is just such a good person and I will always sing his praises. So hopefully we will be able to continue to work with him throughout my career.

Nello: You are kind of in that realm of new resurgent R&B artists. Like I was saying earlier like H.E.R. Tiara Thomas. Even going a little somewhat back. Jhené Aiko. Even Chloe x Halle. So who are some of them that have kind of inspired you and that you would even want to work with?

India Shawn: H.E.R. is incredible. I have been singing her praises since. I mean she has been doing this almost since a baby and I have been watching the unfoldment of her career. She is a genius. I would love to write for her. Write with her. Sing a song with her. She is incredible. Then of course Chloe x Halle. Victoria Monét. I really think it is a time that R&B girls. Should link up and start collaborating. So I am open to it. So if y’all hear me. Come on and let’s all get in the studio. To do something.

Nello: I know a lot of people have said with the girls. It seems they are kind of getting the spotlight right now and with good reason. But there is also a lot of the male singers. Like, Lucky Daye and BJ the Chicago Kid. Plus Elijah Blake, Novel, Eric Bellinger, SiR and PJ Morton. What are your thoughts on them?

India Shawn: Love them all and I was also just actually thinking. Of my boy, Arin Ray. He is incredible and I really feel like R&B is truly back on the rise.

Nello: Before we close out. Is there any upcoming projects that you are working fans can look forward to?

India Shawn: I have actually been working on several different side projects with different producers. I feel there is so many sounds that I am interested in and can do. As well as want to do. Really want to do an Alternative project. I really want to do a really classic R&B. Like Stevie Wonder-esque project. So I am working on different side projects with various producers like I said. And hoping to put out another EP by the end of the year. That maybe speaking too soon. But you know I also still have to tour this album. So planning that for the Fall.