India Shawn Delivers Beautifully Amazing & Intimate Debut Lollapalooza Performance, On The BMI Stage

The BMI stage at Lollapalooza is always the perfect place. To catch an artist that may not only be playing their first Lollapalooza, but first ever festival. That first time to truly catch an artist just starting their journey to what is hopefully. A good and amazing career in music.

Such was the casewith rising R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, India Shawn. Who on the last day of this year’s latest edition of the world-renowned music festival here in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. Delivered a very beautifully amazing late afternoon set. On the smaller stage. Hidden just by the side of the lake. With silky beautiful vocals reminiscent to such late 90’s and early 2000’s R&B and Soul acts. Like Mya, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, India.Arie and even Erykah Budu. India commanded the stage like a veteran vocalists and not somebody still in the beginning stages of her career. As she so effortlessly and beautifully sang such soulfully heartfelt honest records. Like, DON’T PLAY WITH MY HEART, CALI LOVE and TOO SWEET. Which are all taken from India Shawn’s very amazing debut album, BEFORE WE GO (DEEPER). Which she released barely even a week and a half ago.

Most of the small, yet intimate crowd. Knew almost word for word. Most of India’s material. Like she was a veteran performer. They had listened to forever. Which I am sure warmed her heart to see such love during her beautifully amazing performance. India at one point during her performance even saying how beautiful and amazing the crowd was here in Chicago. Especially coming from somewhere like Los Angeles. Where as beautiful as it is. There also isn’t always as beautiful places.

India Shawn would then ask the crowd if she can serenade them for the rest of the night. Before she went into beautifully amazing performances with her backing drummer and keyboardist of her singles, NOT TOO DEEP, TO CHANGE MY MIND, EXCHANGE and SUPERFINE. Before closing out and getting the crowd moving and swaying dancing. As well as singing along with her. While she sang her very beautifully amazing Anderson. Paak featured single, MOVIN’ ON.

India Shawn delivering by far one of the most beautifully and amazing sets of the whole festival. Showing what a very great and promising future she has ahead of her. That I am sure will have India back playing Lollapalooza within a few years. For plenty more years to come and on a much bigger stage.