Steve Lacy Delivers Cinematically Beautiful New Video, For New Single, Sunshine feat. Fousheé

With his newest highly-anticipated solo album, Gemini Rights. Set to drop in the coming days on this Friday, July, 15th. Renowned singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Steve Lacy. Delivers his newest single, Sunshine. That features his friend and vocalist great, Fousheé.

In conjunction with the release of the new single. Lacy also released the accompanying rubberband-directed video. That he premiered yesterday through Vevo. Which sees him at a studio lot coming up to his mic with his band. As he so beautifully sings about renewed feelings he has for his ex, after a casual encounter with her. Lacy jamming out on his guitar too. While Fousheé elevates above them. As she sings her glorious angelic vocals and harmonies. Lacy soon elevating above with her. As he continues to jam out with that amazing bridge that has that classic guitar chords sound. From a lot of 60’s and early 70’s R&B/Soul.

The undeniable chemistry between both Lacy and Fousheé. As they so beautifully sing in perfect harmony the beautiful new ballad. While elevating into the sky with the sunshine. Before Lacy busts out into his very amazing guitar solo at the end of the record. Helping really bring the record even more to life.