SiR Debuts Cinematically Captivating & Explosive New Video, For New Single, Life Is Good feat. Scribz Riley

A little over a couple of months since Top Dawg Entertainment/RCA Records singer and songwriter, SiR. Dropped his recent single and video, Satisfaction. He returns with his smooth and infectiously joyous newest single, Life Is Good. A very joyous record. That finds SiR over the guitar strings backdrop singing about how good life is and can always be. Even while we are going through life’s tribulations. While fellow singer and songwriter, Scribz Riley adds a very nice guest spot with his own silky smooth vocals.

The very cinematically captivating new James Mackel-directed accompanying video. Which he debuted through Vevo a few short hours ago. Finding, SiR, involved in a drug deal gone bad, a twisted love affair, enjoying time on a boat and caught between gunfire. Before being caught in a twisted explosive ending. That brings the very joyous record to life in a way you would never think. That lets you know, even when you think things are good and joyous, on the surface. They always aren’t and can fall apart. Just as quickly as when you think they are good and all together.

SiR also showing once again on this new record. Why he is one of the best male vocalists. As well as singers and songwriter’s. Not just now. But possibly ever in history.