Demrick Drops Chilling New Cypress Moreno & Tony Choc-Produced Single, Ain’t No Feelings

Demrick is cold-hearted on his just released new single, Ain’t No Feelings. That is also the second single in a just a little over two months span. He has released produced by Cypress Moreno & Tony Choc.

The Westcoast emcee. Gving some of his most realest and chillingly cold-hearted verses on the new track. Such as, “Pressure don’t make me. It just make me better. Grinding relentless, you know I wouldn’t let up. Spend so much time getting my bread up. Before I realized this s**t is a setup.” As well as, “This liquor in my liver don’t do nothing for the pain. I seen brighter days, but these dark dots in my brain. They turned my heart cold, I got ice running through these veins. I got nothing left cause I gave it all to the game.”