THEY. Debuts Nostalgically Cinematic & Seductively Captivating New Video, For Explosive New Single, Comfortable feat. Fana Hues

Nearly a month and a half after dropping their very silky smooth latest single, Blü Moon. As well as its nostalgically cinematic and chillingly captivating accompanying Priya Minhas-directed video. Los Angeles-based alt-R&B duo, THEY. Have returned with yet another brand new video and single, Comfortable.

The new single. Like a lot of the duo’s records. Is a nostalgically beautiful smooth soul-bearing record. That has the duo’s undeniable smooth and soul-bearing sound for irresistibly deep unbound hits. On full display. But also finds lead vocalist Drew Love over Dante Jones soulfully nostalgic production. So soulfully bearing all his love to his woman. About how comfortable her love makes him in the bedroom. Guest feature Fana Hues with her beautifully angelic vocals. From the female perspective. Adding the perfect touch. To really elevate and make the record even more greater. For this truly beautifully undeniable explosive bedroom banger.

Picking up where their nostalgically cinematic and chillingly captivating last video, Blü Moon. Left off. The nostalgically cinematic and seductively captivating accompanying Priya Minhas-directed video for, Comfortable. Finds Dante Jones and Drew Love. In a bedroom of the party where they were previously at in, Blü Moon. With Love trying to get cozy and comfortable in bed with a beautiful young woman. He is so soulfully bearing his heart out to. Then panning to the beautiful Hues cozying up in a room full of candles. Before Jones, Love and Hues are all seen jamming out dancing to their record. Right before it shows Love laying in his bed with his woman. Then the twist-turning ending to the sensually chilling fantasy journey of a visual. Bringing the sensually beautiful wooing and comforting lyrics to life even more. In a way that may once again. Have you like both, Love and Jones. Questioning yourself. On if what you just watched and listened to is real or not.

THEY. having the following to say in a statement about the new record and video, “From day one we’ve worked to find new ways to push our sound. ‘Comfortable’ brings out that undeniable smooth R&B energy we’ve always loved but is sonically a different vibe for us. Inspired by the essence of vintage 80’s sports cars and that era of sophistication, we wanted to make something that you could envision yourself listening to in an Alfa Romeo or a 300zx that still had that r&b feel to it. Additionally, Fana is an artist that we have been fans of for a long time and she added the sparkle the song needed to take it over the top.”