Glasses Malone Debuts Unapologetically Clever, Goofy & Fun New Video, Kanye Should Have Never (Married That B***ch) feat. Suga Free & LA Giantz

Glasses Malone debuts his unapologetically crazy new video. For his just as unapologetically crazy Ervin “EP” Pope-produced Westcoast banger, Kanye Should Have Never (Married That B***ch). Which features iconic Westcoast figure, Suga Free. As well as Los Angeles sibling duo LA Giantz.

The new video finding a few ladies in Las Vegas. That are really “b***ch’s.” As one is getting ready to get married. At a church. Malone, Suga Free and the LA Giantz. Are in attendance to try to stop their homie from getting married to her. But they aren’t able to stop it, despite objections from virtually everyone at the wedding. The fun, crazy and playful video. Finding Malone and everyone really bringing their lyrics to life. In a clever, funny and goofy way. That shows, as most of the lyrics say. You should never get married to a known skank, trick or “b***ch.”