Reuben Vincent Debuts Beautifully Inspiring New Video/Single, Look What You Did feat. Sonny Miles

A little over a couple of months since dropping his last single and video, Butterfly Doors. Reuben Vincent has continued to be a breath of fresh air in Hip-Hop. Returning today with his beautifully inspiring newest single, Look What You Did feat. Sonny Miles.

The beautifully inspiring new record. For which Vincent also debuted a just as beautifully inspiring Patrick Lincoln-directed accompanying video. Finding Vincent and Miles. With the beautifully inspiring women, they rap and sing about. Alongside them. As they deliver the beautifully inspiring lyrics and hook. About how these women have helped them become better men because of how much. They inspire they them to do so.

The beautifully inspiring visuals. Really helping bring those beautifully inspiring lyrics and such an already beautifully inspiring record. Even more to life in a way. That is a real breath of fresh air. In not only Hip-Hop, but just all music period right now.