Jessie Reyez Releases Stunningly Chilling New Video, For Rawly Real New Single, FRAUD

After a long hiatus, Jessie Reyez is back with her first single in nearly two years. With the rawly soulful and honest Tim Suby-produced, FRAUD. About a love you loved with all your heart, but that doesn’t love you back.

Reyez also debuting through Vevo. The stunningly bone chillingly good new accompanying video for the record. That she co-directed with Emma Higgins. Which opens with the beautifully talented Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter. Being comforted by the girls in red, who are trying to let her know how beautiful and amazing she is. Despite loving someone who doesn’t love her back. She is then pulled away by her toxic lover, who locks her away. To try to lock up her love and narcissistically keep it for himself. Before she gets a ring that she spits up. Which not only allows her to unlock and escape from the room. But metaphorically also helps her unlock her love. For her ex, who didn’t fully love Jessie. The burning photo towards the end of the visual. A metaphor and double entendre, for Jessie leaving all her love she had for her ex behind. As she so soulfully throughout the visual. Belts her rawly honest soulful lyrics. About leaving that love behind and fully embracing self-love of herself now.

The stunningly bone chilling visuals. Bringing the rawly real and honest lyrics from Jessie on the record even more to life. In a way not many artists aside from her and a few others can. Jessie Reyez proving yet again too. That just when you think she can’t outdo herself again. She does as an artist who’s videos and songs are almost always the type of art. That gives you goosebumps and chills. Virtually every time you hear a song or see a video from her. That’s also among the many reasons, Jessie is among mine and so many others. Favorite artists now or for almost the past six to seven years or longer.