Conway The Machine Debuts Cinematic Twist-Turning New Video, Chanel Pearls feat. Jill Scott

Not only arguably the best track on his debut major label album with Shady Records, God Don’t Make Mistakes. But one of the best tracks released this year across all of music so far here in 2022. Is Conway the Machine’s very soulfully heartfelt record, Chanel Pearls. That features the legendary Jill Scott.

So it’s only right that today just a few short hours ago through Vevo. Conway debuts a very cinematic new Davi X. Pena and Chad Tennies co-directed accompanying video for the record. Which opens with a baby in a room crying. Before somebodies hand with a gun suddenly flashes and disappears. As it then pans back to a father holding a baby looking out the window of his luxurious home. Then panning back to Conway in a room full of letters on the floor. As he spits his soulfully heartfelt rhymes. For his ode to love. That has him partially stressing about if he will make it home or not. The actor who plays the Dad in the clip. Is then seen with his wife shaving his side burns. While other small clips with their children are played throughout the clip.

Ms. Scott appears about midway through the visual. In a very fly blue fur jacket and matching outfit with Chanel pearls. That also matches Conway’s fly blue fur jacket. As the very talented songstress makes her rap debut and also sings her own soulfully heartfelt guest verses. The Machine and Ms. Scott. As well as the leading actor and actress in the video. Shown growing close together. Just like part of the lyrics say. Before the deadly twist-turning ending. That truly plays like a cinematic mini-movie. Which brings the record even more to life. While also showing the consequences of not always paying attention to everything around you and how even love, can effect others.