Chlöe Debuts Sensually Playful & Boldly Confident New Video, For Sensually Seductive New Single, Surprise

Chlöe, is back with her sensually seductive newest single, Surprise. Where she so beautifully and seductively. Sings all the things she would do for her man. Really showing off her warm and amazing angelic vocals in the process. With her sexy and sensually confident playful lyrics.

The very beautiful talented singer and songwriter. As well as producer and actress. Also debuting through Vevo. The sensually, playful and boldy confident new Diana Kunst-directed accompanying video. That sees Chlöe laying in bed in nothing but a thong. As well as showing off her great chemistry with her male co-star. Who she playfully dances for and does sensually playful moves for. In everywhere from the kitchen. To the bedroom, bathroom and tub. As she sings her freaky and sensual lyrics about the surprise things she would do for her man. Really giving off classic 90’s R&B vibes with a modern R&B twist.

The positively grown, warm and sexy confidence that most young women can relate to. As they first grow into mature young adults that Chlöe shows off in the video. Not only bringing the record even more to life. But also showing. How much Chlöe has grown. As not only an artist, but beautifully talented and amazing young actress and woman as well. A true fully multi-talented quadruple threat. From her singing and songwriting. To her acting and producing.