Jhené Aiko, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lucky Daye, Marsha Ambrosius & BJ The Chicago Kid Highlight Final Day Of Fun-Filled & Beautiful 2022 Hyde Park Summer Fest

Chicago’s Hyde Park Summer Fest has come a long way since it first started over seven years ago. When it was just the Hyde Park Brew Fest and started off on iconic 53rd and Harper Court to now being at Midway Plaisance Park. And while the festival itself, is no longer free. It still has the great sense of beautiful local community of boutiques, cuisines, breweries and shops. Not to mention some of the best live Hip-Hop performances and DJs. Which was on full display this weekend on both days of this year’s 2022 Hyde Park Summer Fest.

Though Sunday’s second and final day of the festival. Was more centered to great R&B/Soul singers such as, Jhené Aiko, Lucky Daye, Marsha Ambrosius and Chicago’s very own BJ the Chicago Kid. There was still a great sense of Hip-Hop too. With the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and Chicago’s very own DJ Terry Hunter. All putting on great sets. For what ended up being a nice, but also rather cool laidback Sunday Summer Day. That started off rather hot. Before quickly cooling down and feeling more like Fall than Summertime.

The afternoon performances starting out with a really amazing set from Chicago’s very own, BJ the Chicago Kid. As he went through several of his hits. Ranging from Good Luv’n to the very soulfully and simmering slow jam, Love Inside and of course. Taking the crowd to church on a Sunday with the appropriately titled, Church. Giving his all with his very soulfully passionate performance. BJ showed why he is not only one of the best singers and songwriters in all of music. But one of the best live performers. Who should have a higher billing on most any festival. But especially in his hometown of Chicago.

Chicago’s very own Boolu Master would get the crowd rocking to and moving. To his mostly house-centered set. Before the great Marsha Ambrosius. Came out to the certified timeless hit record she wrote for the late great, Michael Jackson. With Butterflies. Also performing such classics of her own. As Luh Ya and The Break Up Song. Marsha gave a really very soulfully amazing set. That was elevated even more by her backing live band. Plus with smart and playful interludes. Like having the classic NBA on NBC theme song play. Before she performed Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player).

Grammy Award-winning singer, Lucky Daye. Would give a pretty soulfully amazing set of his own. Performing such records as Feels Like and Candy Drip. As well as many other records from his recently critically-acclaimed album, Candydrip. Such as, Used To Be and F****n’ Sound. Even having a young lady come on stage during his performance of the latter. While he playfully had her playing along as she sat in a chair next to him. For his Day one fans, Lucky Daye did perform such classics of his. As the very groovy and upbeat, Late Night. That had all the crowd rocking and grooving along. Like they did for a good portion of his set.

One of the biggest highlights of the whole weekend. Was then of course having the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. Come out to rock the always legendary summertime anthem from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Summertime. But Jazzy Jeff, would of course go into several other hits. Ranging from Talib Kweli’s, Hot Thing to even the late great DMX’s, Ruff Ryders Anthem. As well as Naughty By Nature’s classic, Hip Hop Hooray. Even showing how to properly spin and scratch. During a good portion of his set. To show the younger generation how to truly properly DJ.

The very great and amazing Jhené Aiko. Would close out the festival with her very amazing set. That seen her decked in a puffer yellow jacket. As she performed such classics as Spotless Mind, Sativa, Bed Peace and Stay Ready (What a Life). With her very amazing backing live band. Plus a very great stage setup of clouds and a bed laid out. As well as bubbles continually coming out during certain parts of her set. Made for an even greater performance. As the crowd so easily sang and swayed along. To each of Jhené’s songs. That also included her performing her classic guest verse from Omarion’s Post To Be. As well as closing out with a very rare performance of P*$$Y Fairy (OTW). Ending the very amazing weekend of the newly crowned Hyde Park Summer Fest on a very high note. That showed what greatness can be had. When the city of Chicago puts together such a great weekend and festival.