Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco, Ashanti & A Few Surprises Highlight Fun-Filled & Amazing First Day Of 2022 Hyde Park Summer Fest

Chicago is by far one of the most beautiful and amazing places in the world. From its amazing food to its beautiful community of boutiques and shops. As well as great scenery, weather, live performances venues and sports. Especially during the Summertime. There’s not many places that are as great and most all where on full display on a sunny, but also somewhat nice cool Summer Day. On Saturday, June 11th for the first day of this year’s Hyde Park Summer Fest.

Taken place at Chicago’s Midway Plaisance. It’s no surprise that at the first day of the 2022 Hyde Park Summer Fest. That all of the performances from Busta Rhymes to Ashanti and Chicago’s very own Lupe Fiasco. All consistently said how much they loved performing in Chicago. Ashanti even at one point during her set saying how, she had just got off tour from overseas. But no matter how much less amount of sleep she got. She was making sure she came to Chicago and gave her all. Cause Chicago has always rocked with her and been one of her favorite places to perform. So it should be no surprise that her hit record, Rock Wit U (Awww Baby). As well as many of her other classic records. From Baby to Rain On Me, as well as several of the classic hit records from Ja Rule’s Mesmerize to Fat Joe’s What’s Love and Fabolous Into You. Where among most of the records she performed throughout her pretty solid evening set. That even included a fan going on stage before having to be taken off by security. That I think me and many others. May have thought was actually a part of the show. Until we seen security take him down from the stage.

Many of Chicago’s great DJ’s from DJ Jay Illa to DJ Aktive, Mustafa Rocks and Charles Protégé and DJ RTC. Where also on display at the Hyde Park Summer Fest. Showing what a great array of great DJs the city has to offer too. With some like Mustafa Rocks showing their star power. By bringing out Chicago legends, Crucial Conflict for a brief surprise performance. As they had the mostly Chicago centered crowd really going. Rapping and dancing along to their certified street hits, Ride the Rodeo and one of Chicago’s unofficial, dang near official Chicago anthems, Hay.

Longtime streetwear maven, Dave Jeff, who hosted. Had plenty of other surprises throughout the day. From bringing out Mayor Lori Lightfoot to the cast of The Chi. As well as bringing out special guest Val Warner before Ashanti’s performance and even Hip-Hop legend and pioneer, Ed Lover. To help introduce Busta Rhymes.

Lupe and Busta having by far the two best performances of the whole day. With Lupe decked in a pretty fresh black stripped jersey. Going pretty effortlessly through a good portion of his classic The Cool album. With his sister Ayesha Jaco coming out to perform the spoken word intro before Lupe came out rocking Go Go Gadget Flow, The Coolest and Superstar. Also going through many of The Cool’s other classics like Paris, Tokyo and Hip-Hop Saved My Life. Lu showed really great poise and even had one fan come by the stage when he first performed The Coolest. Before eventually continually telling the rest of his fans to come closer by the stage. So they can rap and sing along. As he went through each record. Lupe would of course end up going through many of his other classic records like, The Show Goes On, Daydreamin’ and of course ending out with Kick, Push. Thanking many of his family that came with him by the stage and his fans in the crowd who he referred to as his other family. Lupe said how much he enjoyed the hometown love.

Busta Rhymes performance to close out the festival. That had him performing everything from Break Ya Neck to Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See, I Know What You Want and What’s It Gonna Be? Plus Touch It, Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check, and Make It Clap. Not to mention records he was featured on like the Ante Up Remix and Chris Brown’s, Look at Me Now. Showed the amount of hits he has had for nearly three plus decades and why nobody has wanted to face Busta in a Verzuz. Not only cause of the amount of hits he has, but the versatility of different styles of hits too. Busta had the crowd fully engaged, jumping and dancing. As well as rapping along. Even at one point. Telling the crowd to stop recording on their camera phones and actually participate as part of the audience. Busta took it back to the essence of Hip-Hop. Showing how to properly MC and why there is not many, if any other live performances greater than him in Hip-Hop or most any genre of music. With his performance with his longtime hype man, Spliff Star of his hit record, Pass the Courvoisier, Part II. As Busta and Spliff sprayed champagne into the crowd. The perfect way to end a very amazing first day of this year’s Hyde Park Summer Fest. That for the most part except for the minor incident on stage with Ashanti. Was a day filled with plenty of fun and no drama. Showing how great the city of Chicago can be. When they come together for such great festival and/or events such as this.