Benny The Butcher Releases Powerful New Video/Single, Welcome To The States, To Support Buffalo Shooting Survivors Fund

Though a lot have unfortunately grown numb to the number of mass shootings. That have happened and continue to happen across America. Cause of how regularly they seem to keep happening. Griselda and BSF, as well as Def Jam emcee, Benny the Butcher. Is trying to help support the families and doing one of the things Hip-Hop. Was truly built on. By releasing a powerfully politically charged new single and video, Welcome to the States. To bring awareness to the unfortunate events that happened at the Tops Supermarket. In his hometown of Buffalo, New York on May 14th.

The new single finding Benny over Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige’s, We Cry Together. Delivering powerfully politically charged bars. About the Buffalo shooting, the disturbing number of other incidents, corruption and government. As well as several other related topics. The accompanying video. Showing clips of a lot of these incidents. As well as footage of KKK and Black Lives Matters marches.

To support the victims of the Buffalo Mass Shooting, Benny is donating 100% of the profits from the sale of a limited edition, Pray For Buffalo, T-Shirt to the “Buffalo 5-14 Survivors Fund.”  The limited edition, Pray For Buffalo, T-Shirt’s can be purchased here. With direct donations able to be made here.