Kehlani Brings Mesmerizing Peace, Love, Joy & Happiness, On Masterpiece New Album, blue water road

A ray of beautiful sunshine and mesmerizing joy. That emerges after a cloudy and dark thunderstorm. To bring you such peace, joy, love and happiness. That is a breath of fresh air we can all use and see in our own emotionally divine growth. As human beings. Is how you can best describe Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Kehlani’s latest full-length album, blue water road. That is by far her most definitive and best work to date. A true masterpiece from top to bottom. Which shows Kehlani’s truly remarkable growth and maturity, not only as an artist. Since her mostly critically-acclaimed sophomore album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. But as a human being as well. That so many of us can relate to.

Starting with the lush orchestration of the co-producuction/instrumentation from Pop Wansel, Some Randoms and Wesley Singerman. To go with Kehlani’s beautifully angelic and purely great ethereal vocals. As well as her beautifully transcending songwriting, lush harmonious melodies and truly relatable raw pure lyrics. On the beautifully soulful and bone-chillingly great opening record, little story. Kehlani shows not only how her daughter, Adeya and moving on from love. Helped her grow as an artist, and mother. But just overall great purely divine person. Of both, faith and self-healing. We should all try to attain to be. The story on, little story, as well as the song itself. The perfect record. To show what a truly beautifully magical and emotional. As well as sexual and spiritual journey of enlightenment that she is set to take you and the other listener’s on throughout the album.

While most of the album is filled with a lot more slower and sensual type records. There is also some more somewhat upbeat records. Like the somewhat strip club centered Pop Wansel and Mike Wavvs co-produced, Any Given Sunday. That features a really great solid guest verse. From fellow great singer and songwriter, Blxst. To even the very upbeat sampling of drums of Slick Rick’s classic, Children’s Story. On the very catchy standout Pop Wansel and Rogét Chahayed co-produced, wish i never. A very upbeat jam. That is a part tongue-in-check and part regret track. In which Kehlani is remorseful of being with someone she was in a relationship with. Feeling a self-affirimed confidence that she should have been alone and focusing on herself at the time. Crazy enough tracks like these don’t even feel out of place too. With the very upbeat, wish i never. Even perfectly seguing into the Justin Bieber assisted single, up at night. A very whimsically breezy and beautiful old-school R&B sounding jam. That is so lovely, pure and beautiful. Especially with the way that Kehlani and Bieber’s vocals perfectly blend together. The beat boxing on the bridge for the instrumental very creative. For such a beautifully romantic record.

Records like the beautifully calm and peacefully lush-filled production. On the Daoud, daedaePIVOT and Pop Wansel co-produced, get me started. When, Kehlani is at her best. As she is truly allowed to show her amazing vocals and a very sensual side of her. That we don’t normally see. Alongside fellow great singer and songwriter, Syd. Both, Kehlani and Syd. Singing about trying to understand the problems in their relationships and if it will help them decide if they ultimately want to breakup or not. The bouncy type melody in the pre-chorus. As well as the hushed echoes of a breeze and light bird chirps towards the beginning of the record. Making it that more greater, warm and inviting to the ear and listener too.

The very great orchestral sounds and arrangements from Pop Wansel. On the two interludes and the second interludes predecessor, everything. As well as on album opener, little story. Really helping set the tone for the album. As records like, little story, shooter interlude and, everything. Truly show how much, Kehlani. Has grown as a songwriter, vocalist and artist. In the past several years. Her amazing vocals perfectly complimenting the great production and arrangements from Wansel. Who co-executive produced the album and produced on all 13 tracks. Playing a huge part in Kehlani delivering her most sonically cohesive album to date.

The second half of the album starts out with by far one of the best tracks on the album. In the Jessie Reyez featured, more than i should. Which finds Kehlani and Jessie. Over the very groovy keys and thumping drums co-production from Pop Wansel, GRADES & Daoud. Singing their indiscretions about cheating on their girlfriend and boyfriend. While trying to find reasons to justify doing so. That includes enjoying it as part of the chorus says, “More than I should, more than I should.” The way that both Kehlani and Jessie’s voices blend together throughout the record. So magical and amazing too. That is not even mentioning the very amazing outro from Jessie. Which she absolutely steals the record with and dang near the whole album. To show why she’s easily one of the most talented artists in all of music right now. That we are long overdue a new solo album from. More than i should, perfectly blending into the album’s lead single, altar. A very beautifully heartfelt ballad. Dedicated to her grandmother and all her loved ones, who have passed. Which is why so many of us can relate to the record. That is by far one of the best records not only on the album, but so far of her career. The same can be said of the very next track, melt. A very soulfully beautiful love song. In which Kehlani so beautifully and harmoniously sings with such bliss, lust and love. The enormous amount of love she feels in her current relationship. That it makes her melt with such joy and happiness. The strings from Happy Perez and Pop Wansel on the production. Bringing the lyrics even more to life.

As we reach the last three tracks of the album. Kehlani stays in a state of bliss on, tangerine. In which she sings about the sexual things she would do to her romantic partner. Comparing it to the taste of a, “tangerine.” That perfectly seguing into the very beautifully soothing and harmonious, everything. By far one of the albums most standout tracks and some may even argue the best track. It finds Kehlani. Singing with everything. The beautifully soothing heartfelt lyrics. About how she really accepts the amount of physical love, sensitivity and care. Her woman gives to her and how it is everything she ever wanted in a relationship. The album bitter sweetly closing out. With the gorgeously bittersweet Thundercat and Ambre featured, wondering/wandering. The mellow, yet bouncy backdrop. Perfect for Kehlani to sing about the reassurance within uncertainty. Zig-zag nature. She feels about self-healing, and the chaotic you have to go through. Before you achieve that more reflective and peaceful pursuit of happiness. As well as love and joy. We all seek to achieve as we mature in ourselves throughout our lives.

Overall, blue water road. Is among the most beautifully refreshing and inspiring. As well as truly touching albums, you will ever hear. That you can tell, Kehlani. Really put everything of her heart, soul and passion into. The growth, love and healing. As well as happiness and joy. That is exhabarated on each track on full display. Throughout all 13 tracks. Really showing how much. Kehlani has evolved not only as an artist, but as a human being as well. Her peace of mind and transparent depth. Showing the maturity and peacefully great state of mind. That is like the calm cool breeze, joy and happiness. You see and hear along the ocean shore of a, blue water road. Which is why the title is perfect for the album. That is one of the first truly timeless masterpiece album’s of the year and by far the best album released across all music. So far this year. Which is among the reasons. I would love to see it win or even be nominated for some awards. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. But fully expect to see it. On plenty of year-end lists at the end of this year. For the top album’s of 2022. Just like another truly timeless masterpiece album. From another current great singer and songwriter of this generation, Jhené Aiko. Who released her own definitive album of her career, Chilombo. Two years ago.