DJ Muggs Debuts Cinematically Trippy & Raw New Soul Assassins Video, Metropolis feat. Method Man & Slick Rick

Just days after dropping his cinematically eerie new Soul Assassins single for, Metropolis feat. Method Man and Slick Rick. Living legend and icon, DJ Muggs. Returns with the debut just a little over a couple hours ago of the cinematically trippy and raw David Salolsky-directed video for the new banger. That he co-directed.

The new visual. Finding Muggs in the studio making the record. As well as calling the street teams all over the world to promote the new single. Plus sees Muggs riding around Los Angeles and with editing. Making it appear like he is also riding around New York, Las Vegas and Paris. While bumping the track in the whip. Even making it appear like the Queen is riding by. As he salutes her. Method Man and Slick Rick, themselves. Do not appear in the appear in the video. Except for graffiti or photo images of them.