THEY. Debuts Nostalgically Cinematic & Chillingly Captivating New Video, For New Single, Blü Moon

After nearly a couple of years hiatus. Los Angeles-based alt-R&B duo, THEY. Have returned with a brand new video and single, Blü Moon. A very silky smooth new sure to be Summer Anthem. That has those real true R&B vibes. It finds the duo singing about a thrilling undeniably soul-bearing love. That they can’t let go. The duo’s undeniable soul-bearing sound for irresistibly deep unbound hits. On full display. Here. As when you first hear this you can tell it is an instant hit record.

The nostalgically cinematic and chillingly captivating accompanying Priya Minhas-directed video. That sees both Dante Jones and Drew Love. Riding through a sensually chilling fantasy journey. Where they arrive at a party with a beautiful young woman. That has even more beautiful women and you can’t really tell. What is reality and fantasy. Helping bring the irresistibly tempting lyrics even more to life. In a way that will have you questioning yourself. If what you just watched and listened to is real or not.

Jones having the following to say in a statement about the new record and video, “We’ve definitely grown and matured throughout our career, but ‘Blü Moon’ is about those moments where we still find ourselves falling victim to temptation. Also, nostalgia is at the core of everything we do musically and visually throughout the span of our career so the video draws from the classic films of the late 70s and early 80s while still calling back to the R&B videos of the 90s and 00s.”