Snoop Dogg Drops Smooth Summer-Ready New Single, Touch Away feat. October London

Snoop Dogg is ready for Summer and getting everyone else ready for it too. With his smooth new single, Touch Away. That is produced by Dr. Bombay, Kanobby and longtime collaborator. As well as friend, Soopafly.

The very smooth new record. That is one of these Summer-ready records. That will get plenty of play during the Summer warm months. Finding Snoop rapping so effortlessly and smoothly about his boss moves he has made since last Fall. From his brief stint at Def Jam to acquiring Death Row Records. As well as being an independent artist. Calling all his own shots. Flying on private planes and giving everyone the blueprint. To how to be as successful as he has been.

Snoop’s very own artist, October London. Also providing the very smooth and amazing hook for the record. That is sure to get plenty of play in these warmer months and possibly, even beyond that.