U-N-I Dedicate Comeback Single, To Mother’s, On, My Mommas

Well over a decade since renowned Los Angeles Hip-Hop group, U-N-I., released their last music together. The duo consisting of Thurz and Y-O. Which was known for reviving the “true essence” of Hip-Hop. Are back together with a soulfully amazing new single, My Mommas.

The soulful new Ro Blvd-produced track. That is a Mother’s Day dedicated one. Having both emcee’s sounding as fresh and good together. As when they released their classic album, A Love Supreme. Back in 2009.

Though, Thurz, has put together an all not that bad solo career since than. Hopefully this new track means we hear plenty of more new music from the duo. Even perhaps maybe a long overdue sophomore album as well.