Sabrina Claudio Debuts Heavenly Beautiful & Divine New Video/Single, Don’t Make Me Wait, Releases New Album, Based On A Feeling

Sabrina Claudio is back and as soulfully beautiful divine as ever before. On her just released heavenly beautiful and divinely dreamy new single, Don’t Make Me Wait. A truly beautiful and soulfully divine record. About a love you have longed for and daydreamed of. That you can no longer wait for. Sabrina showing off her always very signature, sensually smooth and dreamy angelic vocals. On the record. That takes you to a magical place. Like you are in another realm of such calm and peace.

The just as heavenly and beautifully divine accompanying video for the record. Which Claudio released in conjunction with the release of her highly-anticipated newest album, Based On A Feeling. Finding her in a heavenly elegantly divine white outfit laying in bed. In the middle of a desert. As she sensually touches herself and gives off other sensually beautiful movements. While singing the beautifully soulful and sensual lyrics. As harpists also play throughout the visual. Really helping bring the sensually beautiful lyrics even more to life. In a simple, yet beautifully divine way. That feels like a piece of heaven.

The new visual along with the record. Also truly showing what a beauty, presence and truly beautifully heaven sent voice. As well as just overall great purely talented artist. That Sabrina is. Who is one of the few artists left. You know is always going to put all her heart, soul and emotions into her art. Truly putting the ART in artist.

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